Mike Lutmer sits in his combine after plowing part of a field on Nov 17, 2020. Lutmer had to stop plowing the field after noticing the transmission wasn’t allowing him to switch gears. “Just another roadblock that is slowing us down”, Lutmer says after realizing the rest of the fields weren’t getting plowed that night.

Caroline (front) and Anna (back) sled down on their father, Don Rielag’s back at pine hill park on February 9, 2021. Families flocked to pine hill park, after Mason, Ohio received about 5.5 inches of snow overnight.

Dairy farmer Ron Hartman coaxes a cow through the holding pen to make way for more cows to come through to be milked on Jan. 24, 2020. Hartman has worked at the farm for his entire life. Hartman’s Dairy farm started in the 1930s and has been in the family since. Workdays are long, ranging from 4:30am to 9:30pm; cows are milked twice a day, 5am and 5pm.

Mayor of Mason, Ohio, Kathy Grossmann poses for a portrait in the Mason Municipal Center on Feb. 2, 2021.

Farmer Dunny Darnell rests under his burr oak tree after working his fields in Harrison County, Kentucky on June 11, 2021, as a storm approach. The burr oak is estimated to be 350 years old. Local folklore says it is one of, if not the largest burr oak in the county.

Luke Mason climbs out of the back of the family car, while his sister, Natalie plays in a box on Nov. 11, 2020. The box is used by the Mason family to fill up with food supplies for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday to be donated to families through their church. “Mason does a nice job from a community standpoint of up keeping the area and also attract a lot of businesses that make it a desirable location” said Lauren Mason, their mom. “We were initially drawn to Mason for the school district that has consistently been highly ranked and has a lot of opportunities available for children as they progress.”

Dan Thatcher rides his motorcycle with shrubs hanging from it at the Circleville Raceway Park on Sept. 5, 2020. Thatcher had gone off the track and into shrubbery that continued along the track with him. The race was momentarily paused so the grass could be removed to continue the race safely.

Isaiah Tullius (center) is walked out of the rodeo pit with help from his father, Mike Tullius (left) and rodeo medic, Perry Denehy (right) at Fox Hollow Rodeo in Waynesville, Ohio on Feb. 6, 2021. Isaiah was competing in the novice bull riding event when he was thrown off his bull and was knocked unconscious for a few moments. Bullfighters were able to get the bull back into its pen and medical attention was given to Isaiah. 

Owen and his father, Ryan Melvin play pulse table tennis on May 1, 2021, the opening day of Common Ground. Owen play’s in the Mason Challenger Baseball league, and is looking forward to the new fields opening at Makino park. Common Ground is a 23- acre all-inclusive playground created for children and adults of all levels and abilities. The main goal of the playground is to promote social inclusion, cooperative play, and to create a safe environment, where those with disabilities can play. The playground features an all-inclusive playground, aroma gardens, fencing around the playground, an inclusive soccer field, and eventually inclusive baseball fields.

A group of men play soccer on the Mason High School Multipurpose field in Mason, Ohio on Nov. 7, 2020. Located in the heart of Mason, the Atrium Stadium complex includes Dwire Field, the multipurpose field, baseball and softball fields, tennis courts and a track for high school sporting events, as well as use by residents.

Jack Boling poses with handcrafted memorabilia display dedicated to his daughter on Nov. 10, 2020. Boling's lost his daughter in 2019 while she was serving in the military. He created this in memory of her.

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