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Tanner Pearson is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication at Ohio University with a minor in Sociology. He works as a staff photographer for Ohio University’s athletic department and a contributing photographer for The Post Athens and Thread Magazine. This summer he will be a visuals intern for the Cynthiana Democrat in association with Boyd’s Station in Cynthiana, Kentucky. He will be documenting the local life in Harrison County. He was the Secretary of NPPAOU for the 2021-2022 school year and will be the Vice President for the 2022- 2023 school year. Outside of photography, Tanner enjoys spending time with family and friends, golfing, rock climbing, cycling, and keeping a camera by his side.

Available for assignments.

Photo Credits: Joe Timmerman

College Photographer of the Year- Award of Excellence, Sports Action, 2021

National Press Photographer Association Ohio University- Vice President, 2022, Secretary, 2021

Larry Fullerton Photojournalism Scholarship- First Place, 2020

The Curious Society- Gad Schuster Gross Grant, December, 2021

The Patrick Scholarship Recipient- 2021

The Lyon Family Scholarship Recipient- 2022

College of Communication Scholarship Recipient- 2022

Don Perris Internship Scholarship- 2022

About the Logo:

When I was 12, I lost my dad. He was the coolest person I have ever known. In college at Kent State University, he had studied Graphic Design. He designed the original “pear sun” logo.

I received his collection of CDs, laterin my life. He had built up this collection over years and I remembered he kept them in this large wooden organizer. He had them organized alphabetically and that is how they were supposed to stay. I credit him to much of the music interest that I have today.

Once I received this collection, I noticed that on the CDs that he would frequently play, there were these slips of paper with his logo. It was his way of saying, “these are my favorites.”

I was a freshman at Ohio University in an intro to design class. We were tasked with creating a logo for ourselves. For our websites, business cards, resumes, whatever it maybe. I knew what I had to do. I created a variation of his logo, which is now the one I use, for everything.

 It is my subtle way of honoring him through what I do. I know he would be proud of me and where I am going.

Thank you, Dad. 


c: (513) 203-8252

e: pearsont79@gmail.com

location: Athens, Ohio

instagram: @tpearsn

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