About Me

Currently, I live in Athens, Ohio working towards a B.S. in Visual Communication, focusing on photojournalism with a minor in Sociology at Ohio University. I work for our school's athletic department as a staff photographer and I contribute work to the student-run newspaper, The Post. Outside of photography, I work at Cycle Path Bicycles of Athens Ohio where I assemble and repair bikes. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, cycling, playing golf, rock climbing, and always keeping a camera by my side.

Available for assignments.

Photo Credits: Michael Swensen

College Photographer of the Year- Award of Excellence, Sports Action, 2021

National Press Photographer Association Ohio University- Secretary, 2021

Larry Fullerton Photojournalism Scholarship- First Place, 2020

The Patrick Scholarship Recipient- 2021

About the Logo:

When I was 12, I lost my dad. He was the coolest person I have ever known. In college at Kent State University, he had studied Graphic Design. He designed the original “pear sun” logo.

I received his collection of CDs, laterin my life. He had built up this collection over years and I remembered he kept them in this large wooden organizer. He had them organized alphabetically and that is how they were supposed to stay. I credit him to much of the music interest that I have today.

Once I received this collection, I noticed that on the CDs that he would frequently play, there were these slips of paper with his logo. It was his way of saying, “these are my favorites.”

I was a freshman at Ohio University in an intro to design class. We were tasked with creating a logo for ourselves. For our websites, business cards, resumes, whatever it maybe. I knew what I had to do. I created a variation of his logo, which is now the one I use, for everything.

 It is my subtle way of honoring him through what I do. I know he would be proud of me and where I am going.

Thank you, Dad. 


c: (513) 203-8252

e: pearsont79@gmail.com

location: Athens, Ohio

instagram: @tpearsn

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